6 - 10 years

Plant Nursery

In the Plant Nursery, children grow tomato plants in a barn, with the aim of growing as many, large tomatoes as possible. The tomatoes can be watered, have fertilizer added, be pruned, and the barn can have the blinds opened or closed and the temperature adjusted.

Children will be able to see the effects of their choices, and within a number of days, small flowers and then tomatoes will appear on the plants. There will be an indication of the expected yield of tomatoes once the plants reach a certain size, and there will also be warnings shown about any problems.

Children would be encouraged to keep a record of their plants’ growth, for example, children could use the recording table to record their selection on each day, and on every third day or so, the expected yield. Children could also add a decription about the state of the plants, including key events, such as the first yellow flowers and the first red tomatoes.

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