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Last night it was clear, and we went outside after 11pm to look up at the Perseids, and hey presto, we saw lots of meteor streaks! It’s the first time I have seen multiple meteors: they happened every minute or two, some were long spectacluar streaks of light (it’s the ‘afterglow’), and some were shorter, almost like seeing a bird flying across the sky! Most of the streaks came from the North East, heading South West, but one or two came from different angles.

We also saw two satellites travelling across the night sky.


Over the summer, we’ve had two nice reviews from fun2tap and Appysmarts.

Fun2Tap said:
“This new app is an excellent way to make the introduction to the natural world”
“Simple and straightforward, and your kids will know their basic plant and animal parts in no time”
You can read the review in detail here

AppySmart said
“liked: the concept. Good educational value”
You can read the review in detail here

Naming Parts of Plants and Animals

This app helps children become familiar with the basic structure of plants, trees and different types of animals. As well as placing component parts and labels onto a picture, children can click to hear and read more information. It is available for iPad and Mac and on our subscription site.

New website

As you can see, our website has a new look to it, thanks to the hard work by Sarah Longworth. The new site shows our new science activities in our new subscription site, and available for use on tablets. Our old web pages, with details about our CD-ROM titles are still available by clicking on the CDROM tab.

Online subscription servive

We have also launched an online subscription service called “Smudge’s Early Subscription siteScience” where our brand new interactive science activities, and support material can be used online. This is available by a secure login page, and cost just £20 + VAT for individual apps or £100 + VAT for all of the apps for a 12 month subscriptions for the whole school. Login here

We Love Science walks Offa’s Dyke

Will had a much needed week off from running our social media and walked 81 miles along Offa’s Dyke on the Welsh/English border. In a change to the usual science blog posts, he tells his story in the current entry in the We Love Science blog