6 - 9 years

Musical Bottles

In this activity, children investigate how the sound made by tapping a bottle changes as the bottle is filled with water, or as the water is removed.

Several bottles with different levels of water can be used, and children can use these to record a short piece of ‘music’.

Initially, a single bottle is shown in the middle of the screen. If the mouse is moved near the bottle, a drum stick will appear, and clicking the mouse will cause the drum stick to tap the bottle, and the sound of the bottle will be heard. The sound made by tapping the bottle may be changed by filling or removing water from the bottle.

Bottles may be added or removed by clicking on the buttons on the right of the screen. If you have several bottles, different amounts of water can be put in each of them, and they will make different musical notes when the bottles are tapped! When filling bottles to make a range of levels, and different notes, children will need to carefully judge the level in the bottle to fill to, and they make need to empty and refill the bottle at times.

Having bottles with varying levels of water, children can play a simple tune, by tapping on the different bottles! For a bit of fun, the tune made can be recorded and played back.

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