5 - 9 years

Make a Sundial

Make a Sundial allows children to investigate the way shadows cast by the sun move and change size during the day to reflect the position and height of the sun in the sky. In the activity, a sundial is created, which can be used to tell the time.

In the first part of Make a Sundial, children place pebbles to indicate position of the shadow every hour during the day; and in the second part, children use the sundial to tell the time. At the easy level, the pebbles are already placed for the children.

Once all the pebbles have been placed, the sundial can be used to tell the time. The sun will be placed in different positions in the sky, and children be asked to work out the time, either by setting the clock, or by typing in the hour. Either digital or analog clocks may be selected using the option menu and Make a Sundial may be used in either English or Spanish

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