Looking After Animals

This is a simulation activity which enables children to explore the needs of an animal. Children look after Gemima, a guinea pig who, every day, needs to be given food, water, help with grooming and a form of shelter.

Each day, children need to drag items from the right of the screen and and place them: the food and water should be placed in one of the empty bowls; the water bottle, in the bottle holder; and the brush can be brushed over Gemima (as a clue: Gemima needs more than one bowlful of food a day!).

When children have placed all the items for the day, they should click on the next day icon in the top left corner (this will happen automatically when the fourth bowls has been filled). Gemima will be fed, given water and shelter and groomed as directed.

Children will be given regular feedback on Gemima, for example, if she does not get enough food or water or isn’t groomed regularly, or given something to sleep in. Sometimes these are just warnings, but some can be more serious than others. No harm can come to Gemima in this simulation!

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