5 - 7 years

Life Stages

How does a caterpillar turn into a butterfly? a tadpole turn into a frog? Let children discover the life stages of many types of animal with this first science app.

Knowing about the life stage of different creatures is an important basic/science topic children must cover in their early years. This activity will provide children with a greater understanding of life cycles within different species, and to demonstrate how each step leads to the next. The colourful images of tadpole, caterpillar and hatching egg enable children to visually recognise each stage and apply their new vocabulary.

Life Stages covers six different creatures: butterfly, chicken, flower, frog, human and tree. For each of these topics, children select, or scroll through, colourful images of one of the stages in the life process, which they drags into the correct position in the sequence at the top of the screen. At the easy level, the names of the stages are shown at the top of the screen. Once an image has been placed correctly, there is the ability to learn even more about each stage: by clicking the speaker button, children can learn, for example, how the butterfly emerges from the cocoon and when the frogspawn becomes tadpoles.

Some of the features of Life Stages are:

  • Children work at their own pace.
  • Life Stages supports the schools curriculum in the area of life sciences, and will help develop children’s interest in the world around them.
  • It gives children practice in ordering events into a sequence
  • It’s simple and quick to start – no long introductions or fiddly setups
  • It has a reporting option
  • It works in English and Spanish, which has the additional benefit of helping children with their second language
  • It has on-screen instructions, audio help and an option page to change the level of difficulty


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" ... will give children a greater understanding of the natural world around them and give children the foundations for further investigations into the natural world, from nature rambles to classroom discussions..."

A Teacher tester