6 - 9 years

Seeds to Plants

In Seeds to Plants, some sunflower seeds have been planted in a garden, and children need to choose the weather on each day to help the seeds grow into large plants with flowers.

Seeds to Plants is a simulation activity, which allows children to see the results of their choices: the seeds may grow into large beautiful flowers, but care is not taken, the sunflowers can die from being exposed to the cold, or from too much sun!

The activity starts with sunflower seeds planted in the brown patch of earth.Children then select one of the types of weather from the right of the screen for each day. To do this, move the mouse to one of the weather symbols, and drag it to the sky before releasing the mouse. The day is then completed, and you will see how the seeds have grown.

Children will be able to view a chart showing the choices made on each day and in the Control Menu, there is an option to include a “measuring stick” (shown above) which will enable children to record the height of the plants on each day.

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