5 - 8 years

Naming Parts of Plants and Animals

Where is the trunk on a tree? What is the name of the colourful parts of a flower? Do butterflies have legs? One of the basic starting points in early science is for children to become familiar with the basic structure of plants, trees and different types of animals, which this activity teaches in a simple and interesting way.

Naming Parts of Plants and Animals covers:

  • A flower
  • A tree
  • A wilted flower
  • A horse
  • A butterfly

For each of these topics, a picture shown on the screen is completed by dragging the different parts (petal, leaf, roots, stem etc.) from the right of the screen and placing them into the correct position. When all of the parts have been placed, labels can be added in a similar way, and children can click on the labels to hear and read more about that part of the plant or living creature.

Naming Parts of Plants and Animals works at the pace of children, so that children can stop and think, or ask questions of an adult. All of the children’s attempts will be recorded, so that a teacher or parent can view the total number of correct and incorrect answers, and it can be used in either English or Spanish

Naming Parts of Plants and Animals provides children with the foundation understanding for further investigations into the natural world.

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"This new app is an excellent way to make the introduction to the natural world",

"Simple and straightforward, and your kids will know their basic plant and animal parts in no time"

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