5 - 8 years

Naming Parts of the Body

The science curriculum for early science states that as part of understanding living things and life processes, children should be able to recognise and compare the main external parts of the bodies of humans. The Parts of the Body activity is a way that children can get to know the names of the main parts of the body by putting body parts and labels onto a picture of the body. There are topics covering:

  • (external) parts of the body
  • parts of the face
  • senses
  • skeleton
  • inner organs of the body

The picture shown on the left side of the screen can be completed by dragging the component parts (ribs, skull etc.) from inside the white box on the right and placing them into position on main picture. When all of the parts have been placed, a number of labels will be shown, which can also be added onto the picture in a similar way. All of the children’s tries will be recorded, and the total number of correct and incorrect answers can be viewed.

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