5 - 8 years

Dressing Smudge

Doesn’t every child love to dress up? And Smudge is no exception! In this fun activity, children from age 4 years upwards, dress Smudge for three different types of weather:
– a hot day
– a wet day
– a cold day

Smudge has a whole wardrobe full of clothes. Children can scroll through the wardrobe and select suitable items for the weather conditions and drag them onto Smudge. When all the items for the type of day have been put on Smudge, she will perform a rain dance, drink her cold drink or shiver in the cold! There is help which shows the items Smudge still needs to put on for this type of weather.

The Options menu allows Dressing Smudge to be configured for different ages and abilities. The activity works both in English and Spanish; you can choose to allow Smudge to only put on clothes suitable for the type of weather. For school use, reporting allows children’s progress to be tracked.

Dressing Smudge may be used as part of work on the weather. It will enable children to use their imaginations to decide the clothes Smudge might need for each weather condition. It can also be used by childr

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