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The Roman Adventure

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The Roman Adventure

The Roman Adventure is a mathematical adventure in which children are sent back in time to explore a Roman town, where they can take part in 11 stimulating maths activities to win pieces of treasure for a modern day museum. The Roman Adventure may also be used as a cross-curriculum simulation program.

The activities may be played at three different levels and include activities to re-inforce maths skills learnt in the classroom:

  • a modelling activity where children sell food from a Roman take away stall
  • count large number of votes in the local elections
  • divide food amongst the guests at a dinner party, involving division and fractions at the highest levels
  • in a bath house, put numbered tiles in a sequence, and
  • work out areas, perimeter lengths and volumes on a building site.

Each activity links to part of the mathematics curriculum for 7 - 11 year olds, and each activity can be played many times.

The program may be used as an adventure and exploring a Roman Town, or individual activities can be used through a central menu. Throughout the program, there are superb animated graphics, and the program is supported by a user guide and support material, including a guide to “Everyday Life in Roman Times”.

AGES: 7-11 Years

Available for:
Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP and Vista on CD-ROM


Guide to Everyday Life in Roman Times

Online interactive demo


“The response [from students] was positive from the start”

“The software is an excellent stimulus for further work and discussion and it also stands strongly as an independant review”

“Overall, this is a simple piece of software to use, both for pupils and teachers alike”

Schoolzone review


run a roman take away stall

explore a Roman town

place tiles in the correct sequence

count votes in the local election

divide out food at a feast at the town govenor's house

work out the prices for a street trader

practise using equivalent fractions

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