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Smudge's Early Science

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Science Activities for Early Years Children (4 years+)

Smudge's Early Science introduces the basic concepts of science to children aged 4 years and above. Each activity has been created by looking at the requirements listed in different curricular

Activites include helping children to:

  • Name Parts of Animals and Plants;
  • Pairing to get to know the names of animals and parts of the body;
  • Sorting to classifying animals and plants into different groups; and
  • Life Stages covering several animals, plants and humans.

The software is designed to be used online, within a browser (such as Internet Explorer) and may be used on a desktop, laptop or tablet.

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Animals and Plants

Life Stages

This activity will help children understand the different stages that humans and animals (frogs, butterflies and chicken) go through by placing pictures in order. Once the stages are placed, children can read or hear more information about each stage. Click to play.

Life Stages

Simple activity to help children get to know the names of animals, young animals or animals with wings by pairing up image cards with their names. Images of animals can also be paired with the noise they make! Click to play.

Naming Parts of Plants and Animals

To become familiar with the main parts of plants and animals, children drag the component parts and labels onto a picture. The activity covers a flower, a tree, a wilted flower, a horse (animal) and a butterfly (insect). Once labels are placed, children can read or hear more information Click to play.

Parts of the body

Classify animals by types (birds, wild animals, sea creatures etc) or by number of legs or objects into living or not living. Click to play.

Seeds to Plants

A simulation about growing sunflowers from seeds into large plants by choosing the weather to have on each day. Too much sun causes the plants to wilt, too much snow will cause plants to die from the cold. Click to play.

Seeds to plants

About Sound

Musical Bottles

Children experiment and can hear the sound created by bottles change as the bottles are filled with water or emptied. A tune can be played out, which can be recorded and played back! Click to play.

Musical bottles
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